We are Comfortat60, NGO working for Comfort of senior citizens. We want to replenish their lives with happiness. We aim to rejuvenate their life with advisory services to ease their life, provide health services for healthy living, provide re-employment to those in need. We are using technology to source the major requirements of Senior citizens. Their questions, enquiries, help required, reminder services, medical requirements etc. We aim to become the NGO which caters to solve every problem that a Senior citizen may face. Let’s make life of our Elderly comfortable.

We will be launching our services very soon. Kindly bear with us.


Comfortat60 is Social initiative, We are learning and growing with time. We have integrated many services and facilities for senior citizens. We are updating and upgrading day by day. Please join us for this good cause.

We seek your support in working for the benefit of senior citizens by extending:

  • Work support
  • Knowledge support
  • Data support
  • Awareness support
  • Financial support

We want you to actively participate with our initiative to make life of our elderly comfortable. Comfort@60